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A man who is the epitome of all greatness. It is an honor for anyone to even utter his name. His face was sculpted by the gods and his body was molded with the hands of perfection. He is the only person that Chuck Norris fears. His mere presence gives sight to the blind and health to the sick. It is at the highest honor to even be in his company.
Girl 1: I saw Tyries walk by yesterday!
Girl 2: I thought you were blind
Girl 1: His face cured me
Girl 2: Oh! His face cured my brain damage last week!
Girl 1 and 2: YAY!!
by Whatzit-2ya October 16, 2010
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Tyreis mean ejaculating in a cup and dinking it...that is disgusting
Man 1: i just chucked a tyreis mann
Man 2: whats that
Man 1: its were you cum in a cup and drink it dude....hints tyreis
Man 2: isnt that what girls do
Man 1: you being sexist!!!
"Just chucked a tyries"
by Chloe likes dick November 11, 2017
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