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The best game of all time. An educational game based off of an incredibly gory zombie shooter. Essentially a port of House of the Dead 2, except the zombies carry basic household items (plungers, spatulas, ladles) instead of axes, and all the main characters wield keyboards attached to Dreamcasts instead of guns. In order to defeat the terrifying zombies, you must quickly type relevant words like "Daffodil" and "Snapdragon." The terrible voice acting that was carried over from the original enhances the experience twofold.
Civilian: Oh no. Help me. I don't want to die.
Player: Loretta! Julia! Die-hard Roach! Sphagnum!
Frying Pan-Wielding Zombie: Uggh.
<Frying Pan-Wielding Zombie dies>
Civilian: Thank you for saving me. You can go out that way.
Player's friend: Dude, what the fuck?
Player: Don't hate, it's just Typing of the Dead!
by lovesmesumcake August 22, 2008
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A spin-off version of the video game, House of the Dead. Instead of using the traditional gun to shoot zombies, you are to use a keyboard to help practice your WPM (words per minute).

This version removes most of the scary elements, and replaced it with humor. (The main characters carry a Dreamcast on their back). Zombies throw spatulas instead of axes.
Newbie Gamer: I need to learn how to type because I suck.
Shop Employee: Assuming you play games, why don't you try the "Typing of the Dead?" Guarenteed to help you type faster and tear zombie ass at the same time!
by Gearbox January 25, 2005
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