This is what shows up in the search bar in Urban Dictionary.. u write a word there TwT and definition(s) show up -_- this is unoriginal.-
by I do edits on youtube TwT September 1, 2020
Hahahaha you’re a smart one. And probably and bored and depressed one too :)
I’m so bored, do u just wanna Type any word in, is what I’m telling my self telling to to myself and 2 am
When your boredom gets to the best of you and your last resort is to go onto urban dictionary n search up what is inside of the search bar.
person #1 ima go onto urban dictionary and search type any word..

me: wow ur bored
by urlocaldummy November 24, 2021
Oh, so you've decided to type this in the search bar, huh? Well, listen here you little motherfucker. Your lazy ass is clearly bored, so bored that you decided to type THIS in the search bar. So go away, stop typing this, and don't come back again.
A: I am bored.
B: I typed "Type any word" in the search bar.
A: You're clearly more bored.
by Look here! Ok, you've looked. November 29, 2021