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Tyneisha is a variant spelling of the name Tanisha and has many meanings...
American/African/Hindu: 'born on Monday'

Indian: 'Ambition'
Native American (Hopi): variant of the name Tansy, meaning 'the tansy flower'. (are you surprised at that?)

Tyneisha is a specific variant name of Tanisha and spelled specifically to allow the shortform name of Neisha, which means 'pure'.

Tyneisha: Pure, Ambitious girl, a Tansy flower.
Tyneisha is not always born on a Monday.

Tyneisha is a wonderful, spirited, friendly girl.

Tyneisha is a very musical name.
Tyneisha is very talented and writes her own music.
Tyneisha has long light brown hair and blue eyes, and is very tall and thin. She is a good friend and a nice person who is very level-headed and career-minded.

Anyone who negatively gossips about a Tyneisha/Neisha will have very bad luck. Bad Bad luck. Because then, you are snotty little bitches. Tyneisha ... she's beautiful and talented and perfect. She is my friend and she is just awesome!
I need someone whose logical...
you need a Tyneisha!
by loverufwen August 18, 2010
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