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Tyler Kreim: Ty•lur Krh•ime noun; A tall, slender, muscular man with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, an abundance of freckles, and a heart-warming smile. He is caring, careful, and hardworking. A Tyler Kreim will never give up on anything and the world is at his finger tips. He is loved by many while also loving back as many as he can. A Tyler Kreim has one other person that cares about he just as much as he cares about her. A Tyler Kreim is the greatest boyfriend a Lauren Piper (noun) could ever have and she is madly in love with him. Forever and then some...
"Do you see that Tyler Kreim over there? He is always holding hands, and kissing that Lauren Piper chic. Yeah she really got a good Tyler Kreim."
by LovingLauren4ever&then-some February 02, 2010
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