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A black male that has an unusually large dick
Hey, see that guy over there. Hes a tylan
by Mrgotchaguy July 18, 2016
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Small excited little person. Usually female and very artistic. Quiet when in a group she doesn't know but extremely chatty when she knows people. Loves exploring and being in the country. Could be described as a beautiful individual who would charcoal your face if you got out of line.
That girl Tylan, yeah she's a cowgirl.
by TheGetzy April 12, 2012
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1.To have ginger pubes and is not cool.
2.To get shaved
1."Did you see that tylan over there, what a loser"
2."Last night I got a tylan when I was asleep"
by Sockamoe April 10, 2009
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Fun loving couple that love to be alone sitting under the stars. They have undying love for each other and would be willing to give anything to be together. They go on dates often especially to the movies. They love to watch scary movies but the man won't admit that he is actually scared of them. He cuddles up next to the woman because he loves her and will never be able to break apart once together. They are a long lasting love that will last forever.
Wow, Tylan is the cutest couple eva!
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by #Tylan5Ever June 14, 2017
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