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A tyboo is another version of a weaboo, but for an Irish boy obsessed Hunter. This is an inside joke but I'm just putting this online to annoy hunter. Senpai will notice you some day mate.
Hunter: He's soooooo hot! I almost saw him shirtless!
Jacob: your such a tyboo .
by Jacob-hunter July 30, 2017
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It's a place where you go when your bad. Parents like to threaten their children with being sent to Tyboo. Tyboo is a place that you never want to go. It is like hell but worse! People all over threaten you with the scary words of your going to Tyboo! Tyboo is also a thing. Did you forget your tyboo honey? Use this word carefully in the context of that it's a thing. CAUTION! TYBOO IS DANGEROUS. Tyboo is everywhere... Some times Tyboo can be used when you forget a word... I love that Tyboo your wearing.. I mean you meant top but could not think of the word.
Watch out our i will send you to Tyboo! Where did you get that Tyboo? Don't forget your Tyboo!
by Woonie Lanchata September 10, 2009
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