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(noun) The female version of a cock blocker (meaning a man who prevents another man from scoring with a chick). Twot Swatting is when a woman prevents another woman from scoring with a guy. Coined by Dane Cook in his most recent performance, "Isolated Incident."
Also can be used in verb form "twot swatted, swatting, etc"
(Jenny is flirting with a guy) April walks up and says: Hey Jenny, how's your AIDS?
(The guy Jenny is flirting with gives her a weird look and walks away)
Random guy: Damn, she's a twot swatter!
by concavernous May 20, 2009
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1. When a female prevents another female from accepting or pursuing the interest of male.
2. When a female prevents another female from achieving a goal.
GirlA:Ima go talk to that guy over there and see whats good.
GirlB: Ok.
Guy:Hey, I noticed you over there, I was waiting for.
GirlA: Hi, Wow cool. Just taking my time making sure you were looking at me. So whats your name?
GirlB: Hi, my name is ____ . Sorry I took so long, to come over. I was getting her and me a drink. This is my friend___(GirlA). So what is your drink (Guy)? What is your name by the way?
GirlA: Hey! Stop being a twot swatter___(GirlB)! I'm trying to snagg this guy so back off!
by 1713Queen December 07, 2010
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