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(1) Accelerated learning through contact with professionals via Twitter; (2) replacement of traditional brick and mortar academia with Twitter (3) close observation, active listening, and the occasional risk of sycophantic tweeting to 'working celebrities'; (4) use of Twitter to hone skills, polish aesthetics, and refine workflows by following experts in the real world (5) the hope that Twitter may disseminate concise enlightened perspectives more rapidly than formal education.
(1) Through Twitterversity I have learned more by following a handful of notable persons in my field -- for free -- than through years of formal training; (2) Twitterversity allowed me to change careers mid-life by contacting working professionals able to answer questions more effectively than any single teacher I could otherwise access; (3) Self-directed study at a Twitterversity I compiled of persons whose work I admire allowed me to jump ahead of my peers languishing at parochial academia.

Examples of Twitterversity tweets:

DP/30: It's the closest thing to the awesome guest Q&As that come through Pixar (have some #story juice on me!) #film

#ListenWhileUDraw: find Arkangel Shakespare Audio thru interlibrary loan; most important #storytelling suggestion I can make #amwriting #NaNoWriMo #writetip

WWF - Wild Amur tiger captured by camera trap for the first time in critical Chinese forest #Environ

Storyboarders! Just kicked off a new #NextFive exercise. #framegame v2 is the new funnest game ever!

Hoping cintiq is just having a nap and is not actually for real dead. Issue solved! Check the plugs. USB came free.
by The Friendliest Helper Ever January 26, 2012
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