If you have an Amazon Prime Account, you can link the account to your twitch account to get a free tier 1 subscription. The subscription does not auto renew, so you have to manually re-sub every 30 days.
"Have you heard of Twitch Prime?"
"Yea I used My sub on CouRageJD"
by BradyB3 December 3, 2018
It's a thing that streamers say to people and say that it's free money for them and its literally free but it is a subscription and u just get jewbaited.
Tommyinnit said to buy Twitch Prime now I'm jewbaited
Dream ur a bitch for advertising Twitch Prime
by Joewypak October 15, 2020
"and dream said let there be Prime, and there was Prime."
(Twitch Prime)
by WFE ADFTBaxecdfh xadeB x March 12, 2022