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A group of 'adults' who have children and/or are married, who are overly obsessed fans of the overrated 'Twilight' book series. They usually spend their time, neglecting their children, ie. - forgetting to feed them - and also, ruining the dazzle of another, more superior community of 'fans' who go by the name of 'twatlight(ers)'.
"Hey, that kid looks pretty down, underfed and neglected."
"Oh. His mother must be a twimom"
by twimomsdiaf June 21, 2008
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Moms who love Twilight who also nauseate their kids.
Girl 1: Can your mom drive us to the mall on Saturday?
Girl 2: Sorry! My mom is going to a Twilight marathon at the movie theater.
Girl 1: She's one of those crazy twimoms!
Girl 2: IKR!!
by da heck?! October 14, 2012
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A mom that loves the Twilight Saga SO much, she is just as devoted as her kids. She wears T-shirst, has mugs, & memorabilia ALL about Twilight. Loving Twilight so much, it could make you pass out...
"Ugh! My mom is such a Twi- Mom, at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere, she went up to the screen, & started kissing Edward!"

"I wish my mom was a Twi- Mom!"
by Hippiechic98 January 03, 2013
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