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Twilight is a leader on undertale Community who abuses their power, and goes on a ban Rampage. Banning innocent people from time to time, and tries to act like the victim.
Sack :peanut

Mars : a more thought out peanut

Twilia : peeking though curtains +
Twilia :ban hammer +
Twilia: don
by Pussyeater57 August 11, 2018
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Twilia is a female. usually a red head. she has a way with words. knows how to make you laugh, cry and hits like the incredible hulk and shouts HULK SMASH! but all around a very nice person. But her one weakness is HOBOs (homless men or women)
hey did u see that red head punch that guys face in? her name must be Twilia.
by ZOMBIESTATUS September 13, 2012
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