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A party where people are expected to partake in large amounts of twerking.
Come to my party tomorrow night, we're getting a dj, so it's going to be a major twerkathon.
by MacPearcy September 09, 2013
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An elimination dance contest derived from the contemporary ballet term twerk meaning "to shake one's butt creatively, i.e., in such a way that the audience understands that you are a true artist, not a sufferer from pruritus ani (anal itching)".
"She was eliminated from the Twerkathon for using a performance-enhancing implant."
"Cement and Fix-A-Flat?"
"Na. She shoved a chile up her ass."
by Rumpoleskinttilt November 15, 2014
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A parade of females lined up twerking until the there is one female left which would be the winner
Thursday is the twerkathon
by Kingtenk November 21, 2018
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