Tweetums refers to a woman/girl who's acting childish/babylike in order to be seen as cute - often times failing in the matter especially when you're a whale-sized female who looks like she spawned 10 kids already.

It is a sweet endearment with a babylike twist. (Babytalk) Sometimes the batting of eyelashes is included.

Tweetums appears to be nauseatingly cute/insipid.

Tweetums is often used in Filipino context. Commonly, people who are seen to be "tweetums" can and may be pretentious, clingy, attention whores, and just plainly those who think they're cute but they're really not.
Pa-tweetums ka pa, ate! Alam naman namin na laspag ka na!
by SupermassiveBlackHole October 30, 2014
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1.) It may mean as "sweetheart" or "honey" which some couples use to call each other sweetly.
2.) Other meaning, a woman or a girl who acts like a baby trying to look cute.
1.) Tweetums, I miss you na! Kailan ulit tayo magkikita?
2.) Ang ganda na sana nu'ng babae kaso masyadong pa-tweetums!
by SoGood_ItIsACrime August 17, 2015
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