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1.) When a girl is called "Pabebe", it simply means she's trying hard to look cute and make all her moves little as if she's a baby.
2.) When a boy is called "Pabebe", it means he's also trying hard to look cute and sometimes, act like a very important person who needed to always be treated like a king.
1.) One "Pabebe" girl example is the one called, "Pabebe Queen or Pabebeng Mamon" who had her video of being "Pabebe" while eating a bread, went viral in the Internet. In the video, she's talking like a baby and seems to be trying hard to stay cute as the video continue playing.
2.) Guys who have their video of "Twerk It Like Miley" while obviously making cute faces, biting lips and winking in front of the camera are considered to be "Pabebe" because they're clearly trying hard to look cute which sometimes appear to be overdone.
by SoGood_ItIsACrime August 17, 2015
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1.) It may mean as "sweetheart" or "honey" which some couples use to call each other sweetly.
2.) Other meaning, a woman or a girl who acts like a baby trying to look cute.
1.) Tweetums, I miss you na! Kailan ulit tayo magkikita?
2.) Ang ganda na sana nu'ng babae kaso masyadong pa-tweetums!
by SoGood_ItIsACrime August 17, 2015
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