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The immense and typically immeasurable time frame needed for the typical tweaker to complete ANY (yes, ANY!) task that they've set about to complete. Recipiants (sometimes referred to as 'victims') of said 'tweaker time' may be routinely subjected to exceptionally difficult positions placed upon them by the 'tweaker'. It is usually wise to push scheduling of important tasks to next week, or the week after, if in the presence of anyone under the influence of 'tweaker time'.
Glen: DUDE! How f*ckin long is that bitch gonna be inside Walmart!? She only had $6 and its been 45 minutes! (I think?) I mean, what is she looking at anyway with her tweaker time ass!?! MUTHER F*CKER!!

Covington: (while dilligently, yet hopelessly trying to pick out a good cd from the case) Huh?

Glen: Wow...
by Have YOU seen my keys? July 28, 2011
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When you're high on methamphetamine and you think only a short time has passed but it has been hours.
He's always late picking me up, he's running on tweaker time.
by Jamie Jane September 25, 2017
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