Noun: A completely unexplainable occurrence, with absolutely no context other than being completely random; usually to the amusement and surprise of the observer(s) or 'twattee(s)'.
Example 1
*Derek is waiting in a queue for food and the till starts making ambulance siren noises without anyone touching it*
Derek: "Now that's a twatter!"

Example 2
*A couple of friends are watching a bystander*
Friend 1: "That man's throwing bagels at the seagulls again."
Friend 2: "That's a bit of a twatter."
by Clunge101 December 07, 2016
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A twitter update given by an ObGyn to inform his staff of his status.
Dr. Scott twattered that he was off call in hopes that he would have a quiet anniversary dinner with his wife
by deerex December 02, 2009
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It's just like twitter but for cunts!!
Person A: I was going to set up
A twitter account.
Person B: Nah mate you should set up a twatter account.

Person A: Why would I do that?
Person B: Well you a massive cunt that's why!!
by Motherchuckler September 24, 2014
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A woman or girl that uses a sexy profile pic to attract random social networking followers or friends in order to boost her sense of self worth.
Some random twatter just followed me. The pic of her in a bikini is hot, but there ain't no follow back girl.
by DaReal McCoy May 12, 2012
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When someone is a twat but they are bigger than a twat, an ultra mega supersonic cunt twat

This is often used when playing dead by daylight and the killer won't leave you alone and tunnels you
Go away you Twatter!
by Jabboa November 14, 2018
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