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An idiot, or unpleasant person, used in the same way as douchebag, but more emphatic; one who dwells in twats, much like a buttmonkey dwells in butts
Each girl that Chuck goes for is sluttier and sluttier. He's such a twatmonkey
by JessicaLS February 22, 2006
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Seamonkeys crossbred with crabs, they often spread by swinging from clit to clit, leaving a trail of little semen behind, or in your behind.
My mother says her husband is a real twatmonkey!
by Nicholas Gerrier December 02, 2004
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A very annoying person who somtimes jumps arond like a monkey very stupidly.
Amy Lee was being a Twat Monkey when her first CD was published.
by Anime4Evr February 28, 2009
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A person who swings from snatch to snatch.
Look at her she just fucked Lucy now she's banging Jenny. The bitch is a true Twat monkey.
by thehashbrownclown June 25, 2017
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Buckle shopping, Affliction wearing, hair gelling, UFC loving douche bag that wacks off to Tapout and cant get enough of going to the gym, taking selfies of himself to show on facebook, and is the most egotistical retard on the planet. (Most UFC

and Tapout fans)
Man chris used to be cool til he got into that gay ass UFC shit, hes such a fucking twat monkey now.
by WVTOMBLIN85 May 24, 2014
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