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If a person is a twat a lot then they are certified as a twatbox
Ah thats it you twatbox, im gonna smash your granny's armchair now
by BiG G May 23, 2004
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A dual purpose 'clipboard and filing box' available from most stationers.

Used in a derogatory fashion by those who are either threatened by more organised individuals or who hold a fixed belief from high school that being organised is a decidedly uncool and dorkish.
Two 5 year medical students arrive late for a ward round to scornful wrath of the consultant. The graduate entry medicine student stands attentively taking notes. One 5 year student says to another 'twat box was here half an hour early'
by worthwords January 03, 2012
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Twat box within my team of Manhattan misfits refers to pussy. For some reason, our dear friend EB added "box" to twat and butt. We used to refer to pussy as "box" without the twat. But since EB's insight we now add box onto both vaginal and anal penetration. These terms are reserved for hetersexuals.
Example 1, "She squirted all over when I knocked out her twat box in the reverse cowgirl."

Example 2, "I stuck it up her butt box and pulled out some mudge!"
by general mudge April 15, 2006
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A metaphorical box in which people of a "twatty" nature are placed.
Any person who you meet for the first time and you find instantly disagreable is placed in your Twat Box along with all the other people who you have ever found offensive in the past.
by Robin W July 10, 2004
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Twatbox refers to an individual who lacks intellect and character with a diabolical streak.
John is a real twatbox. He erased all of my itunes in one breath!
by okcgreysky February 06, 2010
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