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This is a county in NE Ohio. Most of the dudes here are training to be on The Ultimate Fighter. For some reason this is the only place on earth where Acid Bath and Gwar are more popular than the Beatles. When residents reach their mid-twenties, it is common for them to relocate to Charleston South Carolina. Pastimes in Tuscarawas County include driving around on back roads and smoking pot/drinking cans of Busch, going to open mics to hear 21 year old kids cover Neil Young and Bob Dylan songs on an acoustic guitar, fighting, standing in someone's garage and smoking pot/drinking cans of Busch, trying to fuck waitresses, and giving people dirty looks in Taco Bell drive-thru. If you were to go to a party or a bar in Tuscarawas County there are many characters you will come across.....1) the dude who has been drinking Jim Beam and listening to Hank the 3rd all night dropping N-Bombs like it's his job. 2) The chick in the girly size Ohio State Jersey that is wasted and so excited that the Buckeys "kicked some fuckin' ass". 3) The dude trying to get a jam-band together. 4) The artsy girl who is going to move to (fill in the blank with some college town) to date some douche that wears a scarf ALL THE TIME. 5) The guy who wants to talk about how sweet Wilco is all night with whoever will listen. 6) The dude who has his XBox 360 hooked up to his cock so he can stream Netflix to the insides of his eyelids.

It's a pretty sweet place.
Don't invite those kids.....they are from Tuscarawas County.

Did you hear Dierks Bentley is playing at the Tuscarawas County Fair this year?

It was so Tuscarawas County when we were blowing lines of coke with those Hog Heaven waitresses.
by The Fading Captain January 11, 2010
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You got New Philadelphia, which is filled with corrupt cops and assholes, If you aren't on probation or have been to a detention home live here. The school system brainwashes students to buy Quaker merch and hate any kid from Dover Ohio. Next the out skirts , such as Uhrichsville or Midvale is literal shit, heroin is rapid in the whole county and the best thing to do is get high, have sex, and watch fights. 5/10 times if you aren't in New Phili you will be smoking spice. The people of this area are cancer and everybody fucks each other, if you are 15 and a girl that's not a prep and hasn't fucked 10 dudes very surprising.
I'm from T county(tuscarawas county) YEE HAW let's shoot up herion
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by thisplacesuckss69420 July 25, 2018
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