the lamest and oldest joke in history. A dumbass cartoon character says this when something or someone happens to cover their eyes.
Asshole: I’m going to be a bitch and cover your eyes *does that*
Idiot: hey who turned out the lights???🤓
Me: He just covered your eyes, dumbass you know what he did.
by pantaking69 July 1, 2022
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Movie made in in the late 80s, available for free on most free on demand channels on dish and cable. Plots features 2 cops, one of which is the main character, who is fucking his cop-buddys wife of which there is one scene of a barn-fuck and then the criminals who had escaped from jail kill both the mistress and the cop buddy and hold hostage the family of our hero.

Faced with a dilemma and out of bullets, he resorts to going to the shed where he pulls out his bow and arrow, welds a mask and body armour out of a shovel's head and proceeds to dominate the said criminals in a robin hood style matchup.
bob- Man i watched Don't turn out the light last night
sally- any good?\
bob- nah, it was terrible, unless you want a softcore porno, and even then its not very good.
sally- then why did you watch it?
bob- it was free on my ondemand channel.
by agno3 September 14, 2009
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l e a v i n g l a s t ? t u r n o u t t h e l i g h t s !

Turn Out The Lights (also known as Jerry Kilowatt) is a creature created by Trevor Henderson.


Since there is only 1 picture of TOTL, with him being only a silhouette, so it is unknown what exactly he looks like. However, it is presumed that he looks like the figure on the sign in the picture reading "Leaving last? Turn out the lights!", a cartoon character that appears to look like it's from an old show, similar to the other cartoon monsters. He has dark zig-zag shaped limbs and a white, light bulb head. He also has white gloves with the lines commonly seen among cartoon characters, and on the gloves of Cartoon Cat and Cartoon Dog, supporting the theory that he is their relative, or has a similar origin.
Turn Out the Lights Is in Trevor Henderson
by Your bob August 31, 2022
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