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Movie made in in the late 80s, available for free on most free on demand channels on dish and cable. Plots features 2 cops, one of which is the main character, who is fucking his cop-buddys wife of which there is one scene of a barn-fuck and then the criminals who had escaped from jail kill both the mistress and the cop buddy and hold hostage the family of our hero.

Faced with a dilemma and out of bullets, he resorts to going to the shed where he pulls out his bow and arrow, welds a mask and body armour out of a shovel's head and proceeds to dominate the said criminals in a robin hood style matchup.
bob- Man i watched Don't turn out the light last night
sally- any good?\
bob- nah, it was terrible, unless you want a softcore porno, and even then its not very good.
sally- then why did you watch it?
bob- it was free on my ondemand channel.
by agno3 September 14, 2009
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