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A man whom steals another man's turf. Turf either referring to a claimed area (a woman or man) or better yet, in reference to their pubic hair (i.e. turf) and all genitalia housed within. Also can be applied as heterosexual or homosexual to men or women.
Tara: "Hey Ilana, see that man at the bar, I bet he has one hell of a goal post and a well kept turf ... I am so gonna take him home and play his field tonight."
*Ilana moves in and chats the guy up for a few hours.*
Ilana: "Hey Tara, I have had enough to drink, this guy will give me a ride home, I'll see you tomorrow."
Tara: "Ilana, you are such a turf burglar."
*Tara heads home alone.*
by Environmentor December 06, 2010
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