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A town in the Adirondack park, home to hundreds of incest victims as well as some of the finest rednecks around. A big rival town to Saranac Lake, the varsity football team of Tupper Lake (The Lumberjacks) strive every year to be better than the Red Storm, but just can't seem to do it. If you ever are looking for a place where it is acceptable to have some good old fashioned sex with your mother at the age of 11, and have it be totally normal, Tupper Lake is the town for you.
Adam: Hey bro wassup you wanna head over to the big Tupper Lake and pack a mean dip?
Steve: Aw guy I totally would but I was going to bang my mom tonight.
Adam: That's totally cool chief, they love that shit over in Tuppa
Steve: Word
by Skeeter Bizzniss April 03, 2010
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The 3rd Best Lake in the Tri Lakes Area of the North Country. Full of dip packers under the age of 15, Tupper is filled with some of the lowest test scoring kids in New York State. The only good thing Tupper ever had was a factory that is now drug HQ of the town. Tupper Lake High School is one of the best places you can get mugged. The teachers are about the meanest son's of bitches you could ever drag out of the trailer park downtown. Tupper Lake is one of the leading towns in Upstate New York for inbreeding.
Tupper Lake Dick: Hey, you wanna go buy some china white heroin behind the OWD factory in Tupper Lake?
Saranac Lake Dick: Screw You, SL forever
by January 09, 2018
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