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A most beautiful and wonderful person, very attractive and secretly amazing at sex. That one person you would do anything for or to get, fun to be around and generally amazing. the indisputable pinnacle of compliments.
Scrappy: "She turned out to be a complete tuppen, im glad i got her in the end"

CJ: "I am glad, gotta get me one of those"
by JakAAA April 20, 2010
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Tuppens is a slang name for your various body parts, especially private parts. Commonly referred to when cleaning is required. Referenced to when others are around.
Example 1:
Friend 1: "Let's go out and do something, are you ready to go?"

Friend 2: "Ok, but I have to wash my tuppens first" (= ok, but I have to take a shower, which includes cleaning my private parts)

Example 2
Kid: " mom, I am tired"
Mom: "ok, wash your tuppens and go to bed"

tuppens hoo hoo privates penis vagigi vaginavagigi cooch
by Smartnik June 19, 2013
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