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Someone everyone is afraid of.
Person 1: Hey, watch out! James is coming this way!
Person 2: Why do you say that I should watch out for him...?
Person 1: Because he's such a Tulia.
Person 2: You mean it?! We better run then!
by Kevber (Beelzebub IV) August 26, 2013
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A female individual who says some confusing things but is still smart. Is Jewish but also prays to Jesus. Is a straight female but also seems to have a different girl crush every year. Has embarrassing Instagram accounts from her past.
Sarah: Tulia what is your real name
Tulia: My parents say it’s Talia but I believe that it is Tulia because that is the name that I choose to
Identify with.
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by SAMOJEE September 17, 2018
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