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Tuggleism is the term used to describe an extremely exaggerated or completely falsified story. The term is derived from the antics of Michael, whom chronically feels the need to do so. Tuggleisms are typically used in order to impress acquaintances or in a useless attempt to "score" with a chick that is completely out of your league.

An example of a Tuggleism (in actual use from Michael) is: "Dude, this one time.. I had a threesome with two lesbians and turned them both straight"

As illustrated above, Tuggleisms must be so ridiculously unbelievable that the use of a Tuggleism in actual conversation alludes to mild retardation. As a matter of fact, the only acceptable use of a Tuggleism is when you are engaging in the intentional use in order to mimic the namesake.
"Don't try to impress me with your Tuggleisms"<br>
"Is that a true story; or a Tuggleism?"
by Tuggle Fanclub May 26, 2008
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