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1. Anyone who has ever spent a Summer in Tucson without leaving.

2. A beautiful hot woman who typically wears short skirts and high heels.

3. A Kind gentlemen who wears; big hats, shorts, beards, and yes flip-flops (sometimes a pistol). They often study Science, Art, or Architecture. They may be spotted wearing a University of Arizona t-shirt or a NASA t-shirt.
Conversation overheard on the street:
- "Damn she is so hot."
- "I know I cant stand this heat."
- "No, I mean, SHE is so hot"
- "Yeah but who is that nerdy guy in the big hat?"
- "Oh, I think they are Tucsonans."
by The_Thing October 03, 2011
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1. Servant slave to the infrastructure of Tucson which is in turn "the subservient tool" of Davis-Monthan AFB (DM)

2. One who is good for making tacos for military personal from DM to eat.

3. Minimum wage slave there to ensure the fast food restaurants and convenience stores are able to provide service to personnel from DM.
Aren't these tucsonans great, always ready with a taco when you need one.

Airman: Hello sarge, my son just got a job at McDonald.
Sargent: Aren't Tucsonans suppose to be doing that?
by Obsidious August 02, 2009
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