A Japanese word with multiple meanings. Particularly, a term used in Japanese comedy to denote:

1. The act of pointing out that something is ridiculous or silly. Usually this is something another person (known as the "boke") says or does. May involve violence towards the boke, such as hitting them on the head with a fan (esp. in anime) or slapping them on the forehead.

2. The person who does the tsukkomi.
Boke: "Hi, I'm Bob."
Tsukkomi: "Nice to meet you Bob, my name is Tiffany."
Boke: *Gets down on one knee and pulls out ring* "Do you want to get married?"
Tsukkomi: "Well that escalated quickly."
Boke: "That was a nice tsukkomi. ...so... should I take that as a yes, or...?"
Tsukkomi: *Walks away"
Boke: "... huh. I'm sure that was the perfect timing though."
by VVayfarer November 28, 2018
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The angry guy. Often used to describe a Japanese anime character who is frustrated, under appreciated, or just plain ticked off. The Tsukkomi attempts to keep a calm facade, only to be thwarted by someone, or something, they find irritating. Often resulting in violent actions.
Boke: -pokes-
Tsukkomi: -rips arm off-
by The Dark Masterbator July 3, 2010
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