To test out a new sword casually on a passerby.

Based off the Japanese word Tsujigiri (which means the same thing).
Woman 1: Did you hear what happened downtown yesterday?
Woman 2: No, what happened?
Woman 1: Somone Tsujied Bob's ear off!
by Malkov Volkov IV June 12, 2013
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A really hot chick with a tight pussy that gives a good fuck in every position possible. Gifted with her licking skills and sweet moans and gasps that make you very horny.
I got laid last night, that chick was a total tsuji
by phillyphuckster November 28, 2007
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man who owns a 18 inch cock. hides it but cannot escape it. big chode as well. hot and beautiful man. big dick energy vibes.
Whos that man with the big cock?
Idk probs Rikuto Tsuji.
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