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A Tryte Is The Ternary Version of a Byte Which Uses 5 Trits (Ternary Version of a Bit) Per Tryte Which Means That It Requires 40% Less Space To Store Information.
5/ 8 = 0.6 * 100 = 60% 100% - 60% = 40%
Three Options Is Not Feasible For Domestic Use - For Now.
Quantum Computing Means You Are Able To Use Ternary
The Orientation Of The Photon Decides The Value You Want To Write
As a Photon Can Have a Spin of Up(1), Down(0) and Both(qbit or 2)
For Example To Write a 0 Using Ternary (Trytes) In Quantum Computing You Would Need to Observe The Photon Which Means It Would Respectively Collapse Into The Two States Of 1 or 0 But It Would Become A Guessing Game For The Computer; Combat This By Entangling The Photon With The Opposite Spin So If You Get The Wrong Chosen Spin You Can Always Rely On The Entangled Photon

This Means That Quantum Logic Gates Become Complicated
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it is a mixture of true and right but right splet as ryte
that song is so tryte
by Kaylid October 10, 2006
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