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Truth box is a popular application on Myspace that lets you send other people comments anonymously.

+Basically, people send comments talking shit about you because they themselves are to pussy to actually say them to your face.
*Comment on Truth Box*

Wow your such a fucking whore. I hate your guts. I hope that you die. If i weren't such a pussy i would tell you this to your face!
by Apples Banana May 20, 2008
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Truth Box - 1) a pathetic excuse of a wall for people to hide behind when they express their "true" feelings towards someone

2) the new way to say something offensive without having to confront them

3) the latest tool for making people feel bad about themselves
Somebody put "You're a whore" in my truth box.

by skimony January 09, 2009
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popular myspace app that lets people leave anonymous messages for others. those people usually reveal themselves later for attention, as always...
hey guyz hit up my truth box PLZ OMG LOL
by Hohhhno April 27, 2008
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A way to show others that you are a scared little kid who won't say things to other peoples faces, but will write it in a box on myspace, and not put your identity, because you are scared of getting your ass kicked or rejected.
Lilly: "Oh Ann did you hear what they put in my truthbox?"
Ann: "Yes Lilly, if i would know who they were I'd totally go out with them!"
Mark: "Umm that was me, who put that in your truthbox."
Lilly: *Screams and runs away*
by Stayflytillidiex August 01, 2008
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A pathetic excuse for your being so lame you need a reminder of your own insecurities.
*posting a bulletin*
WOW omggg omggg lol everyone write in my truth box!
by OliviaaaC. May 19, 2008
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The absolute truth, the complete master truth; truth to the extreme; monsleuth
Sandy Cofax: Are you 17 years old, Bo Vice?

Bo Vice: Truth Box.
by JP Seeds May 23, 2007
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