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Truro is a city in Cornwall, which is in the south west of England. The city is often mockingly called a town for its tiny size. It is officially a city however as it contains a Cathedral (Big Church Thingy). People view this little place differently.
Some see it as a bleak mockery of a city, and wonder why the homeless would choose live there if they have the option of just dying.

Others see it as a tiny drop of paradise, an Oasis if you will, from the inbred, shotgun wielding, bearded farmers that prowl Cornwall in search for a virgin to sacrifice to the Wicker man....Don't worry they won't find a Virgin in Cornwall.
Hagrid looked out of the window of his Hut, and thought of Truro. "If they can avoid the debauchery and child molestation in a place like Cornwall, Maybe I should stop trying to fuck Harry"

Is that a Truro in your pocket?...Or do you just smell like Shit.
by Shanus.T.Anus October 24, 2011
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A town surrounded by farms in central Nova Scotia, where, if one wished to give Nova Scotia an enema, one would insert the hose.
Did you fart? No. We just arrived in Truro.
by ButtMuppet October 18, 2012
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An amazing, undeveloped town in Massachusetts. There are several beaches, each surrounded by dunes caused by erosion. Undeniably the best place on earth to get Lobster and other seafood. Not to mention Purple Cow ice cream! The water is a gorgeous blue, and the sweet ocean smell (not the polluted, smelly kind) follows you all the way home. The best place to be in the summer, but winters are quite cold and most things close. The residents are extremely kind, and are welcoming. No one judges. The best place on earth to blast country from your stereo. Home of the best food ever! Also some very gorgeous boats. The place to be in the summer!
I sat out on my deck, country blasting from the stereo. I was eating what was probably the best lobster roll i've ever eaten, and i could smell the sweet ocean air. I couldn't wait to head to the beach for some beautiful scenery and great fun! Oh how I love Truro!
by Purple Flip-Flops January 05, 2011
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