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Trunting (Verb) Trunt (Noun) Trunter (Adj): The act of telling compulsive and completely far-fetched lies. Must be extremely obvious and unbelievable in order to be classified as a trunt.
Person 1 - "I got recruited to play soccer for Manchester United in 5th grade".
Person 2 "No you didn't, stop trunting"
by thatguydudepersonguyperson September 26, 2013
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The act of hunting specifically for trophies, versus hunting animals to eat and use their flesh and skin.
"I hate it when people go trunting, it is a waste of life and pointless for someone to kill a deer, (for example) just for it's antlers."

"Trunters piss me off."
by pengukiller July 10, 2008
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