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A woman who goes against her own best interest by supporting egotistical demagogue
"I like how he seems to just not give a f---." One Trunt supporter exclaimed.
by Druantya November 08, 2016
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A cunt who is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump.
Angie was in line at the checkout stand in the grocery store when she saw a lady with four kids paying with food stamps. Angie exclaimed "Why dont you get a job and stop using my tax money to feed your snowflake kids?" Angie is a real trunt!
by Clyde Whorington August 11, 2017
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When "trou" simply won't do. Combines the general worthlessness of "trou" with a level of malice only "cunt" can provide. Best used when wronged by a trou or when witnessing an especially offensive example of trou-ishness.
That fucking trunt seriously just gave be a negative COR for not showing up at a rape briefing.

I wouldn't give that stupid trunt a glass of water in a desert.

I wish that trunt had children so I could kick them in the head and stomp on their testicles.

Look at that fat trunt try to slide her Hudson Hips up the shelf!
by greyhoggin October 17, 2011
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verb: To kick in the cunt.

noun: A kick to the cunt.

truntee - One who has received a trunt / One who has been trunted by a trunter.

trunter - One who delivers a trunt / One who trunts a truntee.
If you dont shut up and get on with the washing up i'm gonna trunt you into next week!

I gave him/her a right good trunting.

alt: Proverb

A trunt a day keeps the babies away.
by markwalker84 April 14, 2008
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1) A fuse of the word "turnt" and the word "trippin"
2) you are so turnt that you misspell 'turnt' as 'trunt'
"Dude I was going crazy last night, I was trunt af."

"Hey man, come over to my place, I get a keg."
"Fuck yeah, let's turn trunt."
by LeDom Wames June 27, 2014
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A deliberate mispronunciation of turnt, for the purposes of seeming cooler than the rest.
yo I'm getting so trunt tonight. #trunt
by yajiv October 02, 2014
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