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(Noun) A unit of measure for volume equaling that which fills two tiny hands cupped into the shape of a bowl; Usually considered to be equal to one-quarter cup; Trumpful.
Debbie: "How many green onions should I put on my enchilada casserole?"
George: "Anything over a Trumpload would simply be too many, Debbie!"
by cooterpoot December 15, 2016
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A very large amount.

Usage is similar to shitload, except it's only used to describe a large amount of highly negative things, like nuclear waste or senate Republicans.

A quantity is a trumpload if it is as large as the number of lies told by the 45th president of the United States.
There's a trumpload of chemicals in my well water, but Halliburton says it's unrelated to their fracking operation next door and besides Scott Pruitt says flammable water is perfectly safe for my children to drink.
by P Venkman June 25, 2017
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