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A new word for a potential future of the United States of America.
In this future Trumpistan, Donald J Trump is President, Emperor, and King.
The inbred are the top of the social caste system and the poor are routinely killed for sport.
Education does not exist, intellectuals and scientists are hunted down.

Child names are restricted to those of the companies that are approved.
The only food available is Big Macs, and everyone is given an AR-15 on turning the age of 16.
No-one is allowed in the country and no-one is allowed out.

All religion is banned, aside from Christianity and the only book allowed is an edited version of the Bible where Trump plays all the main roles.
98% of spending goes towards the military and hospitals do not exist.
All products are bought through Amazon, Netflix is the only entertainment and only plays Trump approved shows and Fox news is the only news outlet.
Being a detractor of Trump is punishable by death by drowning- meant to represent all the 'liberal tears'.
A- Dudeeeee I thing Trumpistan could be a reality
B- No way mannn things would never get that out of hand

4 years later......
by RipTheDream6969 May 21, 2017
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