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The orange cheese dusted penis after a long vigorous cheeto induced masturbation session.
My wife came home and caught me with trumpdick, and all of the kid's cheetos missing
by Chestercheeto69 April 19, 2018
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One who is gaudy, trashy, unimportant, or otherwise unimpressive in any discernible fashion despite being loud, brash, abrasive, and over-confident.
Also has yeti pubes.
Todd is such a Trumpdick he sent Tammy pictures of his wang- now everyone is laughing at him.
by September 26, 2019
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An orange dick that requires it’s owner to be spanked, get a golden shower, and take a shit load of viagra to become erect.
We were going to hook up but he had trump dick.
by Juan Carlos Boise May 03, 2019
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Meant to convey large size and power of the offending monster, but afterall, it's just what it says, e.g.-- "look up tinydick"...?..?
Jason thought Trump was the Megashit Most, but honestly , the Prez was just "Trumpfucking" with his tiny hands, er that is, his "Trumpdick
by Trumpbuster April 14, 2018
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