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an arrogant sorry excuse for a president. He's a bully yet he can't take criticism of any kind. He cries and bellyaches all the time, using the "fake news" jive line while his selfishness, vanity and corruption are obvious to all. This nickname is derived from TRUMP the Chump + ThumBALINA because despite his overbearing nature and delusions of god-hood, he is a really small pissant excuse of a man.
1. Trumpalina thinks he can do anything he wants since he hijacked the White House. However, he is on Putin's leash because Russianhackers breached U.S. cyberspace security on Election Day to set the Electoral College in Trump's favor. Trumpalina is a traitor, a quisling who is really owned by Vladimir Putin.

2. Trumpalina wants to build a Berlin-type 'Iron Curtain' wall at the Mexican border despite the fact there's border security already. Congress didn't appropriate the money for this wasteful enterprise. Trumpalina throws a hissy fit, he cries like a baby. WAH!

3. Trumpalina wants to scrap Obamacare without anything better. He has embarrassed himself to the rest of the world. He says NATO is obsolete and no allied nation even trusts him. He's a sexist pig, he gropes women and girls and has harassed beauty pageant contestants in the past . He imposed an immigration halt on mostly-Muslim countries - that is, where he has NO business interests. He has had Russian information ministers at the WH and he has openly given ISIS secrets to them. He is a slave to Putin, he openly collaborates with Russia. He is a small man and a sniveling cowardly traitor with a Nero complex. He acts like Caligula. IMPEACH TRUMPALINA NOW.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice July 02, 2017
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The president of the United States, that is a bitch. Trumpalina!
"Hey, why is that guy acting like a female?"

"Bro, that's Trumpalina, he IS a female"
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by Tom Knows Best December 20, 2017
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