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A vague word or phrase used by Donald Trump. "Nom" stands for nominalization. Nominalizations are words used often in hypnotherapy. They usually involve turning verbs into nouns, but they can also be any word or phrase that is so vague and subjective that listeners are forced to insert their own subjective meanings. Statements containing nominalizations create in the minds of listeners the illusion that the message is directed directly at them when in reality listeners are simply filling in the vague words with their own ideas. In therapy, nominalizations can heal. In the political world of "smoke and mirrors", however, a TrumpNom is a mirror.

To discuss the physical characteristics of a cat is objective. To say a cat is the BEST cat you have ever that is FAR BETTER than the one across the street because that one is a DISASTER, it's UGLY, a NIGHTMARE, it LOVES EVERYTHING YOU HATE, and it FEELS TERRIBLE to pet, is to manipulate you using TrumpNoms.
The car salesman used 4 TrumpNoms when he said his Ford Escort was the best car in the lot, a sweet ride, better than anything else, and that any other salesmen are disasters.
by StimpyForPrez February 03, 2017
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