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Anyone who voted for Trump making less than $10 million a year.
Only after they privatized Social Security and Medicare and he was dying homeless did John finally realize he was a Trumpchump.

John realized he was trumpchumped when his Obamacare ended and he could not afford medical care for his dying wife.
by Iwitnesshistory December 01, 2016
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A person with a monkey like brain who still supports (president) trump
Remember when all of you trumpchumps voted for trump but now realize used you for his own narcissistic ways? Trumpchumps still are supporting trump?! Typical trumpchumps ...
by Trumpbump33 March 23, 2017
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The angry people at a Trump rally that threaten, taunt and fight protesters of an opposing candidate or party. Donald Trump, The Donald, Trump, Trumper, Trumpet, Trumpism, Trumpster, make America great again, The Apprentice, Republican, frontrunner, anti-establishment, winner, winning
I got jumped by a bunch of Trump chumps at the rally last night, yet I was the one who got arrested. It's not fair man!
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by joecoolthefool July 31, 2016
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Individuals who are foolish enough to be tricked into the nonsensical and bigoted rhetoric notoriously held by donald trump, usually accomplished by brainwashing, propoganda and targeted to those with a naive and/or uneducated nature.
Dont take Mike from work seriously hes just another Trump chump.
by User 2 June 06, 2016
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A person who will never have class no matter how much wealth or power they accumulate.
My new neighbour is a real trumpchump, he's always bragging about how much money he has and how important his job is.
by C.Snow July 03, 2017
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Any one of the monkeys that works for Donald Trump, the cabinet, Joint Chiefs, GOP party (take your pick) Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, Kelly Conway, Vladimir Putin or whoever is in the clan of hyenas the pack of jackals at least this week before he cans them anyway - HA! Such loyalty for the chimps and chumps!
"Don't worry about what Sean Spicer says he's just one of Trump's chumps nobody listens to him or takes, Kelly or Steve Bannon seriously anyways because he's just a Trump Chump!"
by Phuckin' Phylean December 05, 2017
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