He didn’t get enough votes so HE LOST.
At least give me 1 single proof that Biden cheated. CAUSE HE WON AND DONALD TRUMP LOST. DEAL WITH IT.
by BuilderBuilder123 December 17, 2020
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A term the minimum wage earning, sun evading left wing carnival freaks use as a coping mechanism.
Green haired liberal beta male in 2016: Trump Lost. He colluded with muh Russia to rig the election.

Also green haired liberal beta male in 2018: Stacy Klump only lost the Georgia gubernatorial election cuz Republicans stole the election by manipulating the voters rolls.

Also green haired liberal beta male in 2020: Trump lost. Elections can't be rigged or stolen. Threat against muh democracy. 80+ million literally voted for the man who thinks he served in the senate for 180 years! Deal with it. Now excuse me while I go use the women's restroom...
by NguyenLe007 April 18, 2022
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