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/trəmp 'fiNGɡər/


An unfortunate hereditary condition in which one's fingers are disproportionately stubby and small like Vienna Sausages.
Donald tried to type "unprecedented" in his Tweet, but his Trump Fingers fat fingered it so that he typed "unpredisdented".
by Illegitimate President Trump January 29, 2017
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A spontaneous, nearly involuntary flipping of "the bird," triggered by the mere sound of Trump's voice.
Now commonplace across the United States, it appears that trumpfinger has become a socially acceptable gesture.
by Dr Bunnygirl June 08, 2017
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Someone who sees themself as a Twitter expert, impulsively tweets and retweets incessantly, and has tiny, baby-like fingers which aid in typing hate-fueled egomaniacal twitter garbage. See: "Twitter Fingers"
Kyle: Thank god Obama doesn't have Trump Fingers. I mean, how would he grip a basketball, or like, eat with adult silverware?

Becket: Yeah, although its too bad Obama doesn't have Trump Fingers I was hoping he would get us into a war with Russia or just do something bat-shit crazy 😥

Kyle: Don't worry, with Trump as President, you can count on at least one of those things happening! 😃
by BasketFullOfKittens January 25, 2017
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After eating large amounts of cheese balls or Cheetos and coating ones hands orange one then grabs a women by her pussy.
I finished my bag of the Cheetos the other day and decided to give the next girl I saw Trump fingers. She was shocked when I grabbed her pussy with my orange hands.
by Carpetmuncher5000 September 16, 2017
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