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Ahhh, Troutman Middle School. A place you go if you want to become a hoe or thot. Even the prettiest girls that aren’t a hoe or a thot get made fun of. But be careful for the pedopholic teachers doing “push ups” in the bathroom! In the cafeteria you can find disgusting food with hair in it and some cockroaches on the floors and door ways. Wow so delicious! 🤢 Everyone thinks they are cool. There are so many different cliques like the “pretty” thots, “cool” kids, them girls with their pants pulled too far up to make it look like they have an ass, the weird anime people (they dress and get a hair cut like some anime bitch) and the normal kids (very rare to find). If you want to be a druggy this is the place to go! But on the bright side if you like wrestling their team is pretty good.
have you been to troutman middle they are such druggies and suck at most sports and their food and school is gross asf!
by Anonymous 131402 November 8, 2019
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Badzachx is a 18 year old recreation of BruhitsZach after making his Daniel Bregoli distract called "how bout dat". Badzachx is a social media star/influencer that had started from musical.ly/tiktok and has 2.4m followers on Instagram. He has came out with a new hot single call " Rattle" That people can't stop listening to. And all his #Baddies will support him through the good and bad, but this is his year to come. As he had said "2019 this is our year baby" Letting all his "baddies" Know that this is and will be a big year for them.
Badzachx was born June 22, 2000 TX. Birth sign is Cancer. Badzachx is also known and Bruhitszach and Zach Clayton
by Anonymous 131402 January 11, 2019
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