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Trolliosis describes a condition in which a regular functioning person has the urge to go online and troll every status update, picture, video, etc. As of today, there is no known cure for troliosis, however it is said that if you are able to sufficiently troll everyone you know within 24 hours of contracting the virus, you will be cured.
Girl: Your new nick name is bear grills!

Trolliosis victim: Do bears use grills, or do you mean Bear Grylls?
by RubiksKoobs December 17, 2011
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Skin condition newborns are diagnosed with causing them to rapidly evolve into monstrous trolls. No such cure has been found for trolliosis, all that can be done is plastic surgery.

Symptoms include:
Greasy hair
Unbelievable strength

Mood Swings
Addiction to Steal
Tends to live under bridges
I heard that girl was born with trolliosis... poor troll.
by Dr. TrollnBurge December 09, 2010
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