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When internet trolls put links into their already annoying long winded posts.
Those birther idiots are now sending troll spam with about a half dozen links in it, as if their diarrhea of the mouth wasn't enough.
by Tolkien Ed April 23, 2011
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Although originally defined as an email that is intended to

provoke negative emotions or as a term in gaming,

it can now be referred to ANY online message (repetitive

or not). This can be explained with the use of internet

trolls. Specifically on any website that provides a form of

communication and a page to present opinions on

said form.

The example below is an actual example of Troll Spam from the online website of Youtube. *example is very long*
Bystander: All that dust reminds me of the movie War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise.

Anyone agree?

Troll:No one agrees jackass, go crawl in a hole and die with your inbred fucktoy sister you stupid ass-cake douche-monkey.

Bystander: Dude, you really need a life. I don't see how someone could get a kick out of trying to annoy people. It's actually kind of pathetic. I pity you to some extent because it just means that your life is so uneventful that you have to come onto Youtube and troll random people. I realize that this is the Internet, but there has to be some sense of pride and respect for yourself.

Troll: WAAHH, do you wan't some Vagisil for your sore vagina you crybaby douche? Your sister cried like you when I introduced her to anal.

BTW, since you're on your high horse, you're doing the same thing that you're preaching against so fuck off cocksucker

Bystander: Man, I really do feel sorry for you.

Troll: THat's the best you can come up with? Why bother?

Bystander: Yeah, why do I bother? Any comments from you then, are ignored.

Nice try at Troll Spamming.

Bystander: Ignored by who, you? THen why do you keep replying? Shut the fuck up if you can't think of anything smart to say you boring retard, you look like a fool right now.

Troll: faggot.
by Glass Cup August 28, 2010
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