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Short for Time Lord Rock: A genre of rock derived from BBC's long-runnning series Doctor Who. Many believe that YouTube partner, Alex Day, aka Nerimon, is the creator but the reality is that he is not. Alex Day, along with Liam Dryden (littleradge), Charlie McDonell (charlieissocoollike), and Chris Beattie (CowInParachute), together making Chameleon Circuit, have introduced Trock to the mainstream industry with their album which released on June 1, 2009 from DFTBA Records.
Dude, did you hear about Chameleon Circuit, the Trock band? They're ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!
by MangoezAwesomeness June 23, 2009
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Time Lord Rock

A new genre of music created by Youtube's very own Nerimon.

This genre of music is made up of songs dedicated to the sci-fi tv series Doctor Who.
Alex: I'm in a Trock band called Chameleon Circuit!
(go listen, they are the AWESOME)
by CaseyCupcake August 29, 2008
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one of the best southern rappers around. Use to be with Three 6 mafia then went solo and kicks ass!
Did you get that new T-rock CD? YAh that shit was off da hook ma nig!
by Gobo October 28, 2003
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Time Lord Rock, a new music genre for fans and by fans of the Sci-fi show Doctor Who. Discovered by the lovely Alex Day aka Nerimon from youtube.
My fave Trock song is An Awful Lot of Running by Alex Day.

Some Trock bands are; Chameleon Circuit, Quantum Locked, Children of Time, and Heart of the Tardis.
by CatxRawr. August 09, 2008
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a genre of music invented by Alex Day, a vlogger on YouTube, who goes by the name of Nerrimon. Similar to Wrock, which is wizard rock, Trock is Timelord rock.
"Blink" is a Trock song written by a friend of Alex Day, known as Charlieissocoollike. "Cuz if they get inside the TARDIS, the sun will go out."
by tomvamp88 August 19, 2008
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A genre of music about Doctor Who that some people on Youtube think they came up with. Unfortunatly for them, the first "trock" song came out before any of them were born, leaving some of us slightly annoyed at their sense of self-importance.
Chameleon Circuit: We're the first Trock Band!

The Time Lords: Wtf, bitches, quit taking credit.
by wasteoftime July 06, 2009
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Trock, or, Time Lord Rock, is a wave of music started by YouTube partner Nerimon and his band Chameleon Circuit. Styles of music can vary from hard-rock to acoustic, but the underlying theme is the adventures of Doctor Who, or, most recently, the Tenth Doctor, as portrated by David Tennant.
Trock is a musical wave similar to Wizard Rock, based on the Harry Potter book series, and mirrors the idea that fans of the series can create musical fusion in their bedrooms with just a guitar or keyboard, and then post it on YouTube.
Alex: Let's form a Trock band!
Charlie: Sure, I'll write a song!
Chris: I'll help!
Liam: Me too!
*All become more well-known throughout YouTube*


Me: That band is so trockin'. I hope they do a proper gig soon.
by PineappleOxide August 18, 2008
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