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An awesome girl. She will hang with any girl. She looks shy but is the exact opposite when you get to meet her. She is boss at roast battles and can rap well. She is also a great singer and is really pretty. You should never make her angry just saying. She has a good sense of style and looks prepared always. If she somehow does not look good she will literally do anything to look awesome. She is also really flexible and good at gymnastics. She loves taking pictures and looking at herself in the mirror. Tristina doesn’t want to be corrected. She is also kinda popular and weird and really crazy 😜.Bestie 🐢
Guy 1: Wow who is that

Guy 2: That is tristina isn’t she pretty.
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by goldqn.kyy January 19, 2019
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A beautiful and passionate person. Perfect lover and the most loyal friends you could have. Can be bitchy but only to people that make them mad.Trustworthy and honest. Has a beautiful smile, the brightest eyes and soft supple lips. Anybody would be lucky to have her as a friend or lover. Great kisser, and likes to take things slow when in relationships. Best partner you could have, and they are faithful to you when in relationship. Funny, fun to be around and loves to help people in need. She is a total flirt, and most guys adore her. Sometimes is full of themselves and doesn't know when to stop talking at times. Tristina is an overall perfect person from head to toe. And Tristina has the one of the best personality traits anyone could have.
"Look at Tristina, I just wish I could be as beautiful as her!"

"My best friend is Tristina because she's so nice and awesome"

"I'm jealous of Tristina because she's so perfect"
by beautiful coolness May 06, 2014
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A term of endearment for a female with a big heart, open mind, ambition, and charisma. One referred to as a "Tristina" has a free spirit, an enlightened consciousness, and benevolent aura. She may be involved with metaphysics, yoga, tai chi, or meditation. She also may not "like this game". She may avoid nourishment, especially in the presence of chewbacca, clowns, and/or pussies.
You are such a Tristina! You make each minute of life brighter, each moment happier. LOOK A CLOWN!
by Quanald Dottleplum November 02, 2011
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A very beautiful, caring woman. A woman named Tristina can actually make a mans heart stop from over 100 yrds with her looks alone. A "Tristina" makes an excellent mother, and while sometimes easily annoyed, is the sweetest and kindest girl you will ever meet.
" Hey Ted's having a heart attack! Oh no he saw a Tristina!"
by Fames Jay February 10, 2010
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A beautiful blonde or brunette with hazel eyes her boyfriend is the luckiest man alive anyone would die to have a Tristina but only lucky people get one

Loves to snuggle and take pictures favorite color blue always right no matter what

Goofy sweet funny amazing just to sum it all up perfect in every single way
Who is that stunning girl

Oh that’s my friend tristina
by And...I...OPP November 09, 2019
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