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Can also be put together as TripleHelix so it flows nicely.
This sweet name was brewed up by me and my friend in biology a long time ago becaue we were discussing double helixes in it and then all the sudden i said "is there a such thing as a triple helix and my friend said that would be a cool name for a band" and i agreed, so I have used this name ever since SO NO ONE BETTER NOT JOCK ME

Sincerely, D.M.G.
TripleHelix will PWN YOU OMGWTFBBQ!!!XD
by Daniel September 01, 2004
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Wherein you and your two best friends stand facing away from each other, link arms and squat while turning and dropping a deuce. The resulting action is a helix shaped piece of doodoo. It's best to do this in one of your parents bathtubs as to mark your territory and seal your bond of friendship.
Henry-How did you get to such good friends with Liz and Brian?
Me-We bonded over the triple helix in our freshman year of college.
by Ponchogoblin June 05, 2014
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