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Student attendin Trinity College, Dublin. Term used as self-reference.
You might think going to UCD makes you special, but I am a Trinner!
by NeoGreeb February 01, 2008
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A term used to refer to Trinity College Dublin, Ireland's second best University (inferior only to UCD), or one of it's students.

Trinity students are usually stuck-up, protestant weirdos who are known to overestimate their own intelligence, social standing, general sense of style and future prospects.

Sports such as cricket, bowls and polo are popular in Trinity (I know...GAYS!). The Trinity LGBT society is the largest organized gathering of homosexuals in the World, having membership close to 100% of Trinity's population.
E.G. Two male trinners;
Male Trinity student 1: I totes had sex with a woman last jk im a trinner.

Male Trinity student 2: I am also gay; let's have really weird, stuck-up sex where we groan like happy English countrymen!
by Dr. Hugh Brady November 23, 2010
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